Product Info

WALLPAPER/ FABRICS 2-4 wk lead time + shipping

Unique and custom designs based on original and edited photographs taken by Wandering Wallflower.

  • Custom edits available. Contact to learn more


ROOM DIVIDERS 4-6 wk lead time +TBD delivery

Stock information available upon request

  • Custom build and design available. Contact to learn more


ART PRINTS 2wk +shipping

Photo taken by Wandering Wallflower at any given point and place in time! Stopping to capture moments of beauty, intrigue and awe is mandatory!

  • Sizes vary per print. Available sizes indicated.
You get what you get and you don't get upset!


    UPHOLSTERED WALL TILES 6-8 wk lead time +shipping*

    Trash panda haul central... mostly. Cutaways and remnants from French Finish Wall Upholstery installations avoid the land fill to become unique wall tile designs. 

    • Custom sizes and styles available. Designs selections require phone, email or in person exchange.
    • Materials vary (Trash Panda code of honor)
    • *- dates marked are from date of final design and layout approval