Good to Know

Hello Gorgeous!

Let's take a minute to get into who and what this really is! 

I'm Tralona Boisne, AKA Wandering Wallflower. In addition to curating the Little Shop of Gorgeous --what I hope you'll feel is a cultivated and cozy corner of the internet filled with beautiful or interesting things to delight you and add some personal flair to your spaces, I am also the cofounder of French Finish Wall Upholstery and Quarters Sur Mesure with my husband Joseph. (If you are not familiar with French Finish, please follow the links to our website and social pages. I promise it's worth a looksee!)

The idea for the Little Shop of Gorgeous was born indirectly out of my "disposition" as a multi-passionate creative and proud trash panda! Having many passions and interests that are able to be mingled with my actual job at French Finish as the Life Long Professional Apprentice (yes, it's a thing. No, don't look it up!), can get a little messy. Mess is especially tricky in the workroom of a master craftsman whose job it is is to ensure tight and tidy corners! After SEVERAL cues, I took a smaller shop close-by (like across the hall close) to keep all of my "passion projects" in. Each day we'd go to our respective workroom; and by that I mean Joe would go to OUR French Finish workroom and I would go to MY little shop, in which he was not allowed. It became a bit of a joke when he would probe me for what I was doing in there to which my response was "Don't you worry about Little Shop of Gorgeous! I'm making pretty happen!"

I have always found a call to the creative arts. Be it photography, drawing, dancing, making, or what-have-you, I'm into it. I am one of those endlessly inspired and perpetually making creative types! As I often have to remind Joe, it's for better OR for worse! Over the years building our company, I have had the opportunity to observe and learn how important the spaces we hang out in are to our emotional state of being. In the Little Shop, I experiment with cuts, remnants, donations and of course the glorious hauls from my trash panda excursions until my heart's content. Which by the way is apparently located very close to never and around the corner from forever! Just making and creating for the joy of it! Whatever the environment we seek to create looks like, it has to feel like it!

In sharing what comes out of the creative chaos, I hope to provide a resource for visually translating emotion into spaces... and maybe pay the rent for the little shop!

Thanks for poppin' by!